Shiloh Cottages Newsletter 2023
Newsletter 2023
A Happy, hopeful 2023 from Shiloh Cottages! Reservations for the 2023 cottage season are underway, and bookings now being confirmed.
This year we will be improving our facilities by continuing to work with the Ministry of Environment toward our new septic system. We are hopeful that this project will start soon.  

The Spruce Cottage has also had some new flooring installed, and a few other details.
Shiloh continues to maintain government standards. You can be assured that our water is drinkable and free of contaminates as per requirements for water regulations.
As Covid restrictions have subsided, many of our clients are starting to request bedding again so we will return to our pre-Covid protocol. We will be supplying pillows with zippered liners, blankets with fresh duvet covers and mattress covers will be provided for each bed. A few kitchen towels will be provided.